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Phone no. : + 91 33 2448 7640

Phone no. : + 91 33 2448 7640

Managed Services for a large private sector bank

Problem Statement

A leading private sector bank with large Pan India Process wanted to manage outreach center at Tier-2, Tier-3 cities in India. They were looking partners who will manage the entire facility, staffing , training and managing the processes at these outreach centers.

Our Solutions

We managed this managed Services e engagement by customizing our offering to suit customer need.

Sourcing right skilled people from local colleges, local talent pool etc as per customer needs.

2 week of customized training on customer process and operations.

Leasing facilities and making them operations ready.

Deploying required IT assets to manage the operations.

Periodic Audits and quality management processes.

Continuous Engagement programs to enhance the employee productivity.

Value Delivered

Deployed ~ 300 Skilled people across 11 locations

More than 2000 hrs of Training

Minimum lead time to make center operational

Low attrition as per industry standards.

98% + Branch up time at these location

Ivangel Sales & Services (Ivangel) – specializes in HR Services such as Staff Augmentation, Payroll, Compliance management etc. For Last 24 years Ivangel has catered to Industry in providing skilled workforce to cater various job requirements.

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